Skin Check

We recommend a full skin check unless you have a specific skin concern or spot.
If possible, wear no make-up, tanning products or nail polish.
The consultation will involve undressing only down to your underwear.
The doctor will ask if you have any areas of concern beneath your underwear.
If you feel there is a concern – and with your permission – the doctor will examine the area of concern beneath your underwear.
Modesty sheets and chaperones are available if desired.

Procedures During a Consultation can include:

Cryotherapy (freezing)
Diathermy (burning)
Curettage (scraping)
Shave biopsy (removal of a sliver of skin for testing in the laboratory)
Punch biopsy (removal of a core of skin for testing in the laboratory)
Excision (removal of the entire lesion for testing in the laboratory)

Prior to giving consent to a procedure, we will discuss:

What the procedure is
Why it is being done
Side effects of the procedure
What is involved in the healing process

If a sample is taken for pathology testing, the doctor will contact you the following week with your results. Please contact the practice if you do not hear from us within 10 days..

Please feed free to download the detailed checklist of what to expect at your visit, and bring it with you to the consultation.

DYS Skin examination checklist Download