Appointments, Visits, Procedures

Easy.  Just call 02 9984 8888 or Book Appointment Online.

Lovely south Dee Why.  Park in our car park which you can enter from Delmar Parade, or park in Stony Range Reserve parking.  You cannot enter from Pittwater Road. Follow link to more detailed directions.

$120 for a visit. You’ll get some back from Medicare. More for procedures, but we’ll tell you first.

Wear no make-up, fake tan, lippy or nail polish. Light clothing that’s easy to remove is great. When you arrive at our clinic, make sure to check in with reception staff. Please read Your Visit – what to expect [link to that page]

The doctor will examine you from head to toe, or just one spot if you prefer. For a full skin examination, remove all clothing except underwear. Let us know if you have any hidden spots. For more detail click here.

No. We use local anaesthetic.

Skin Cancer

We don’t know until we examine you. Anyone can have a skin cancer they don’t know about, and cancer can grow anywhere on the body. Even where the sun doesn’t shine. We often find cancers our patients were unaware of.

Most are not. We treat most skin cancers in our rooms, including melanoma. We refer to specialist surgeons on the odd occasion we can’t treat you in the clinic.Are they deadly?

The most common cause is too much sun. We will discuss skin protection and rejuvenation.

Your risk doubles with each first degree relative who has one. Let us check your skin to rule that out.

You often don’t, because they can be silent and grow out of your range of sight. That is why it is a good idea to come for a thorough skin examination by highly experienced skin cancer doctors.

As well as UV protection, we can advise some other measures.

Cosmetic Doctors

While many beauty clinics and spas are now offering cosmetic injections, you can be assured that all wrinkle and filler injections at our clinic are by trained medical practitioners.

We assess your skin, facial features and hands, and give you an opinion of what would suit your needs. Everyone is different. We’ll work together to give you what you want, not what we want. The worst thing for you and us is an overdone result.

Cosmetic injections vary in price. We can work within your budget to give you a result you’ll love.

With modern techniques, there is little or no pain. We use anaesthetic creams and injections sparingly.

The most common request is for wrinkle injections for frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet and some others. People request filler to volumise their cheeks, mid-face, lips, chin, jawline, temples and tear troughs.

Little or no bruising with wrinkle injections, and a day or 2 for filler to settle in. It’s best not to plan extreme exercise or social outings for a few days after filler.

Laser – Medical Grade

Our lasers are engineered and maintained to the highest quality by accredited manufacturers. Some lasers in Australia are imported from poorly controlled third world countries. Don’t settle for third best.

Most treatments are pain-free. We use effective anaesthetic creams where necessary.

Prices vary depending on type of treatment, length of time, type of laser, and the number of sessions required. Please make a booking on 9984 8888 to discuss prices with Kerrie and Linda.

Firstly, please show up. There is a fee for same-day cancellations and no-shows. Wear no make-up, lippy, creams, or other accoutrements of modern life that may block our lasers from giving you the best outcome.

You lie down, put on some goggles, and your clinician will treat you caringly.

A few hours to a day or 2, depending on the treatment. Your clinician will go through that with you.